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Chinese in Northwest America Research Committee.
This page was last updated: August 30, 2018
The World's Columbian Exposition of 1893  芝加哥1893 年哥伦比亞博览会
The Lewis & Clark Centennial Exposition (Portland, Oregon) of 1905 比较波特兰 博览会
The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition of 1909  西雅图阿拉斯加—尤康—太平洋博览会
The AYPE's former president remembers Asian VIPs 博览会主席怀念亞裔参会会员 [Updated 3/18/09]

Chinese-Americans and world fairs 美洲 华人与国际博览会
A 1909 SF newspaper on why Chinese Americans should back U.S. expositions 中西日报对赛会的报道
The Chinese Village makes a profit  中国村盈利
"Chinese magicians long for their son" 上海魔术大师想家 [with a newly found picture of the son]
Imperial Jugglers, Magicians, and Acrobats  [Updated 5/16/09]
Nepotism in the Chinese Village  中国村伍家天下?
People in the China Day parade  中国日: 华人行列
Lew Kay, the China Day program chair, finds romance at the Fair 刘吉祺赛会结良缘
The AYPE and Veterans of the 1906 Imperial Commissioners' Visit 出洋大臣与赛会人选
Ah King sends a postcard back to Seattle from China
A Swede from Butte compares China Day and Japan Day  [Posted 2/15/09]
Lost Dragon Found  龙头再现 - 西雅图1909 年赛会龙舞悠悠百年  [Posted 2/16/09]
Slide presentation on the AYP Exposition dragon: new images and data   [Posted 4/2/09]
Japan vs. China: Judge Burke takes sides  [Updated 7/7/09]
The genetics of World Fairs: Rev Fung Chak and family 冯牧师家族万国博览会结缘 [Posted 3/31/09]
Seattle's Chinese give President Taft a more modest gift  [Posted 4/2/09]
A Chinese shop in Fresno masquerades as one in Seattle  NEW 9/15/09

Exploiting the Igorots  菲岛土人受委屈
Big museums compete for the AYPE Philippine contract  博物馆争办菲岛展览
Were there two or three official Philippine exhibits? (with AYPE Asian exhibit map) [Updated 3/6/09]
Igorot attitudes toward the AYPE  [Posted 2/24/09]
Names of Igorots at the AYP Exposition  [Posted 2/24/09]
"Igorrote terrifies housewives near Fair"  [Posted 2/26/09]
The father of Philippine independence and the 1887 Igorot Exhibition in Madrid [Posted 3/14/09]
Should Seattle Apologize to the Igorots? [Posted 7/6/09]
More pictures of named Igorots at the AYP Exposition [Posted 7/7/09]

"The Japanese assault Uncle Sam's whiskers"  日本节目讨美国人便宜
Japan Day at the AYPE  日本庆祝日
People at Japan Day: The first generation of Japanese-American leaders 日本庆祝日行列 [Updated 3/14/09]
Homer Lea's paranoid vision of a Japanese attack on Seattle, 1909 荷马李的日军侵美战略
More paranoia: The alleged Japanese "tea plantation" on the Strait of Juan de Fuca in 1908 [Posted 7/27/09]
Japan's navy, Japanese Americans, America's annexation of Hawaii, and the AYPE [Updated 7/10/09]
The Unexpected Fate of the Formosa Tea House  赛会后台湾茶馆去向 
Seattle's Japanese give the U.S. president a sword-guard vase [Posted 3/21/09]
Ando, Suzuki, &Yamaha: at the AYPE and still active in 2009  安藤 鈴木, 雅马哈老字号 [Posted 3/21/09]
President Taft accepts a "pretentious" cloisonne vase from Japan 美国总统受大礼 [Posted 4/1/09]
The AYP Exposition gives a Japanese company an environmentally incorrect award [Posted 4/6/09]
Rival businessmen unite to support the Streets of Tokio  [Posted 4/26/09]

"Beauty Types of Three Races" White, Hawaiian, and Chinese girls 夏威夷三美
A living AYP Exposition seal: White and Japanese girls  现实模仿艺术 - 美人扮印章
Japan and Japanese-Americans  ラスカ・ユーコン 太平洋博覧会
 In the Northwest, Japanese outnumbered Chinese by 1909, although racist persecution was
  growing despite protection by the Japanese government.  That government mounted a major
  official exhibit at the AYPE.  But local Japanese-Americans produced their own exhibit anyway.
  Very few Filipinos lived in the region at the time of the AYPE.  The exhibits, which included living
  Filipinos, were produced by and for European-Americans. 
China and Chinese-Americans
  The Chinese population of the Pacific Northwest had fallen sharply since the anti-Chinese riots
  of the mid-1880s.  China, unable to protect local Chinese, did not take part in the AYPE.   And 
  yet those local Chinese, with surprising confidence, chose to mount a China exhibit of their own.
The AYP Exposition and Other Fairs
  The AYPE was not the first world fair for U.S.-resident Asians.  They had joined such fairs
  since 1893.  The fairs played a central role in the growth of new Asian-American identities
Asian-Pacific Women and the AYPE
 Women's suffrage was a big theme at the Fair, and Washington women won the right to vote in the next
  year, 1910.  However, as shown by images of Asian-Pacific women at the Fair, sexism was hardly dead
The Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition (AYPE), Seattle, 1909  美国阿拉斯加— 尤康— 太平洋博览会
    Based largely on work with primary sources, the AYPE page of this website contains much as-yet
    unpublished data about Asian- (Chinese-, Japanese-, Filipino-) American participation in the AYPE.
    The AYPE is compared with other  American world fairs with Asian exhibits, especially the World's
    Columbian Exposition in Chicago (1893) and the Lewis and Clark Exposition in Portland (1905).  
Symposium on Asians in the AYPE, September 12 & 13, 2009, Seattle  西雅图博览会讨会 
                                       ラスカ・ユーコン 太平洋博覧会会議
The editors of CINARC organized a 2-day symposium to examine the roles of Chinese, Japanese,
Filipinos, and Hawaiians in the AYPE.  The symposium was attended by 101 persons at two
Seattle venues - the National Archives and Records Administration (9/12) and the Burke Museum of
Natural History and Culture (9/13).  Partial funding came from 4Culture of King County.

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